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    I am Angie! I am a self taught, fully passionate, and ambitious photographer. I am constantly finding myself excited for life, and in turn always wanting to document it! I strive to learn something new everyday in this vast photography world! I am a hard worker and a loyal person! And an overall bubbly and happy person who loves to talk! I will do everything in my power to provide you with an amazing experience! I am a wife to such an amazing husband, Paul, who is also my second shooter for as many events as he can make. He compliments me perfectly, not only in photography, but in life as well! I am LUCKY to call him my husband I am a mother to the most adorable boy in the world. He is rambunctious, mischievous, intelligent and of course the cutest lil guy I know! I am LUCKY to call him my son! Here on my blog I will update you with my adventures in photography! I love taking photos and sharing with all! You can also find me on my website at "There is something special about the ability to capture ones' moment and letting them revisit that moment at any given time! Let me capture YOUR moment..."

Senior pictures in the RAIN!

So Susannah was my ROCK STAR Kentwood High school senior!!! She got up early, went to renton to get her makeup done by Tiffany of Sweet P Beauty, which looked amazing, then drove all the way to Tacoma to photograph at the perfect Point Defiance Park!  Not only did we hit at least 3 locations throughout the 5 mile drive but it was POURING rain by the end of it! But did that stop her? NO. And she was the easiest client too!  So easy going and up FOR ANYTHING!  Here are a couple shots in the rain and look at how she is still smiling!!

I first met Susannah many years ago through my old work and I totally remember her as one of the sweetest young ladies ever! And so when I got the email from her that she wanted me to shoot her senior portraits I was so excited and shocked that she was OLD enough to even HAVE senior photos!

She is involved in many activities too! She is actively involved in a fantastic club  called International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. At this club you can learn about charity, hope, and service through work and involvement with annual local and Grand (state or country) service projects.  Not only is this a phenomenal program for young girls to get into, you also get to wear some gorgeous dresses!:)Here take a look!

She also is into Scuba Diving! I know! So cool! She has dove in several areas around the puget sound and shared some really cool experiences with me! I want to scuba dive now!

 Here is one from the ocean that is one of my favorite “artistic” shots of the session!

She loves nature! Check out one of the cute signs she made too!!This is just one of a few that she made! SO crafty, here take a peek…

She also pretty much refuses to wear anything but converse! LOL! My kind of girl! I LOVE converse my self! She also likes to only wear mismatched socks! Ankle socks only….SO I thought this picture to be appropriate!

Paul was with us this shoot and was able to capture some great shots too! Here take a look! I cannot say enough about his photos! THey just keep getting better and better! I am so proud!!

Here is one of my favorites of his!

WELL! Since we got rained and she was SO awesome, I told her that if she was open the next morning that  we could met at Salt Water state park and shoot a few more photos! AND SO GLAD WE DID! We even had SUN!

Well I had such a great time Susannah and hope you like this sneak peek! You looked beautiful! THANK YOU!


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